Thursday, June 12, 2014

Meet the KMU Staff: The Communications & Media Department

Every day we see creative, inspiring and captivating forms of media and communication (I mean, who doesn't like t-shirts, cat videos and free posters?) 

For years, DeMolay has taught its members about the interactive, personal and print media field - teaching us how to manage ourselves appropriately and make conscience decisions when producing a positive image for ourselves or our Chapters. At Key Man University this year, a team of wise, creative and rather awesome advisors took on the task of teaching YOU about the odds and ends of everything you wanted to know about Communication and Media.
If you're already asking some of these questions below, you're the kind of person for the Communications and Media Department! 

  • How do I start a Website?
  • Sweet Shirt! Where do I get one?
  • What's a tweet and how do I do it? 
  • I can just delete that off the internet, right? 
  • How does proper writing fall into all this?
  • What's print media all about?
  • Am I creative enough for this?

These questions would remain unanswered if not for our great C&M staff for this year, let's go ahead and see what they're all about. 

"Dad" Matt Blaisdell, a Past State Master Councilor and Director of Media of Pennsylvania DeMolay, is a recent graduate of Edinboro University with a Degree in Graphic Design. When "Dad" Blaisdell isn't working at the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation office, he's at home teaching himself web design, designing large scale print print publications for many different clients and watching the occasional funny cat video. He's been involved in the design field for over five years, continuously learning, teaching and finding new ways to create. 

"Dad" Peter Brusoe, a Past State Master Councilor of New York DeMolay, is celebrating a decade of service as a DeMolay advisor.   He has served DeMolay in a number of different capacities ranging from chapter advisor to a Deputy Congress Advisor.  Professionally, "Dad" Brusoe works as a data analyst for a data and news company in Washington, D.C.  Outside of DeMolay, "Dad" Brusoe serves on the board of the Albany Alumni Association, the Dean's Advisory Council for Rockefeller College, is President of the Woodley Park Community Assocaition and chaired the Commission on National and Community Service for Washington, D.C. 

"Dad" Stefan Revesz, a Past State Master Councilor of New Jersey DeMolay, has more than a decade of service as a DeMolay advisor.   He has served DeMolay in New Jersey on various staff positions ranging from Ritual Director to Assistant Executive Officer.  Professionally, "Dad" Revesz works as a Manager for the Credit Union of New Jersey.  Outside of DeMolay, "Dad" Revesz is a Past Master of Gothic-Fraternal Lodge, Junior Deputy Grand Tall of Trenton Forest #4 TCL and serves on the board of the Ewing Little League.

If you come to Key Man University with a ready-to-learn mindset, you're going to have the experience of a lifetime! 

"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it"

Pablo Piccasso 

Come to Key Man University and take on the Communications & Media Challenge - learn something, create something and teach something that you can bring home to your Chapters to make a better DeMolay experience! 

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