Thursday, June 19, 2014

Meet the KMU Staff: The Chapter Leadership Department

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Master Councilor of your chapter?  Or, are you like most people and thought that will NEVER be me?  We are here to tell you, YES YOU CAN!  The Chapter Leadership Department at Key Man will help YOU become an effective leader for your chapter.  We are offering courses in many different fields of leadership including: 
  • What is a good leader?
  • How to plan your term of office  
  • How to divide and conquer
  • What is the PMC-MSA and what does it mean to me?
  • My term is over, now what?
  • What does a Jurisdictional Officer do, and why? 
“Dad” Thomas Moyer has been involved with DeMolay since 2004, when he was inducted into Pilgrim Chapter in Harrisburg, PA.  “Dad” Moyer was able to rise through the offices of Pennsylvania DeMolay to serve as State Master Councilor for the year of 2010-11.  He has also served as Assistant Key Man Youth Director for two years and the Convention Youth Director for the 2012 PA DeMolay Convention.  Since becoming a Sr. DeMolay in 2013, Tom has gone on to become a Deputy Executive Officer for PA DeMolay and looks forward to helping share his ideas on effective Chapter Leadership for all those who are up to the task!

“Dad” Joseph Pullin has been involved with DeMolay from the age of 15, when he was recruited off the soccer fields of Philadelphia by a few of his friends who were in DeMolay. Since first becoming involved, “Dad” Pullin has served as Master Councilor on three separate occasions.  Through all of his years in DeMolay, he would move up through the ranks to become both State Junior Councilor and Deputy State Master Councilor for Pennsylvania DeMolay.  “Dad” Pullin is currently the Chapter Advisor for Northeast Chapter as well as their Athletics Advisor. “Dad” Pullin has gained a lot of experience in all of his years in DeMolay, and he looks forward to helping members in the Chapter Leadership Department grow! 

“Dad” Rob Otto is a current advisor for Carlisle Chapter and an active Master Mason.   He joined DeMolay in 2006 as a member of George Washington Chapter, in Chambersburg, PA, and participated with the chapter until reaching majority in 2011.  He helped assist in the creation of Carlisle Chapter in 2011.  Rob is a Past Master Councilor of the chapter and received his RD, Lamp of Knowledge, and also is a Chevalier.  “Dad” Otto’s accomplishments include being a Past Master Councilor, a Chevalier, and receiving his Representative DeMolay. 

Now let's learn to lead and succeed!

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