Thursday, March 20, 2014

Get a C.L.U.E.: Part II - Mrs. Peacock

As PA DeMolay prepares for the upcoming C.L.U.E. Spring Leadership Weekend, to be held May 2-4, 2014, at Patton Campus, we thought it high time to introduce you to some of the characters that you'll meet during the weekend. This series of articles will run every Thursday for the next several weeks, so make sure to check back!

Mrs. Eleanor Martha Louise Snootyham  Peacock was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her father, Sir Albret Snootyham was a British officer in the CCF, RAF and also MOD. Her mother, Ethyl came from a wealthy family in America who made their money selling medical supplies to hospitals in Cuba, Mexico and South America.Eleanor attended only the very finest boarding schools in the United States until she was ten years old, then off to finishing school in the Swiss Alps where she excelled in yodeling. She would secretly study economics and business because of her love for money, jewelry, and furs.

Her father died at the early age of 45 while on. a skiing trip in Italy. It was rumored he was making extra withdrawals from his wife’s bank account and trying to start a spaghetti sauce company. After her father’s death, Eleanor’s mother brought her home from the Swiss Alps and they moved to Washington D.C.  With her knack for managing money Eleanor tripled her allowance and became one of the wealthiest debutantes in D.C.  She and her mother both became very involved in the political circles. They were known for the parties they threw and only invited higher ranking politicians from around the world.

At one of these parties Eleanor met Mr. Peacock. With his charm, good looks, and ability to chew gum and walk at the same time he rose up through the ranks of politicians and became a Senator, and chairs a committee on nuclear waste.

Mrs. Peacock traveled the world extensively to obtain the rarest and best furnishings for her mansions to impress her guests.  Mrs. Peacock is known to raise money for any cause as long as she's in the spotlight. She appears calm, cool, and collected at all times - ordering her assistants to do her dirty work. She is very concerned with proper behavior, and has absolutely no patience or time for unrefined, common folk. Forgetting to put your napkin on your lap at one of her dinner parties can be a "deadly" mistake.

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