Thursday, March 6, 2014

Choosing your KMU DeMolay Major

Hello, Pennsylvania ~ "Dad" Loughin here with exciting news and KeyMan University Update! 

Dad Panitzke and I, with a little help from the dedicated staff at the Youth Foundation, have nailed down the majors for Key Man University.  They are, in no particular order:
  • Ritual
  • Brotherhood & Membership
  • Chapter Leadership
  • Communications & Media
  • Event & Program Planning
  • Personal Development
These new majors are essentially replacing the "track" system we’ve had in the past. Major selection is on a first-come, first-served basis.  You’ll be choosing your major on the conference application, which is making its way around the Commonwealth now.  You’ll have to rank all 6 from most preferred (rank 1) to least preferred (rank 6). Since the applications are out now, you might be best served to apply sooner rather than later [HINT].  You may also want to ask your Chapter Advisor for help filling out your application, since they’ll need to sign off on your attendance [HINT].

So, how is the conference going to work?  You’ll have 6 core classes for your major covering a variety of topics in depth.  You’ll have a chance to take a few classes from the other majors to either fill in a minor, or to get a taste of everything.  You could also take some of the special interest classes that aren’t offered specifically for a major, but which will be equally informative.

The tracks aren’t the only things that are changing.  The layout of the staff is as well, to accommodate the need for more guidance.  In years past, we’ve had 2 dedicated staff members per chapter.  We’ve added a third advisor to help you out through the week.  The former "Chairman" is now a Department Chair, who will lead the development of most of the courses that you will be taking during  the week.  The remaining two advisors will be Academic Advisors, whose primary task is to aide you along the way with whatever you need. You may also see them teaching a class or two.

Along with these changes, we’re keeping some of the more popular aspects from previous conferences.  We’re still participating in a Masonic service program at the Masonic Villages across from Patton Campus.  We’ll still have tons of pool and gym time.  We’re still offering opportunities to complete RDs and LCCs, earn proficiency cards, and learn ritual parts.  "Dad" Richards is still going to lead a world-class chapel service. And, most importantly, we’ve still got Patton’s famous chocolate milk.

As both "Dad" Panitzke and I have mentioned in our previous posts, we want as many of you to come to Key Man this year as possible.  But remember, major selection is on a first-come, first-served basis, and we may not be able to put you into the major you want if you register late.  You should apply early and often.  So let’s start seeing applications in Elizabethtown!

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