Monday, October 15, 2012

The Role of Sponsoring Bodies

DeMolay, as an organization, can't survive without the patronage of a sponsoring body. In the case of our youth group, those patrons are Masonic bodies that provided support and financial assistance. But, what is really expected of a sponsoring body for a DeMolay Chapter?

1.         Provide a proper place for the Chapter members to meet.  DeMolay Chapters should meet in a Lodge Room.  If it is not always available, a social room may suffice for informal meetings, but a Lodge Room is almost essential for all ritualistic presentations such as Degrees and the semi-annual Installation of Officers.  If rent must be charged, it should be reasonable, and within the funding capabilities of young people.  If rent is being contemplated, ask this question: “How much rent does a church charge its youth group?  Is Freemasonry’s relationship to DeMolay any different?”  The DeMolays should be able to earn their keep through Masonic service, rather than the payment of rent.

2.         Maintain an active Advisory Council of 6 or more trained adult leaders, one of whom must be a Master Mason to serve as Chairman of the Advisory Council.  Others may be Senior DeMolays, parents, or other adults (age 21) selected to serve. The Presiding Officer of the Sponsoring Body is asked to review the nomination of adults to serve on the Advisory Council.  He signs an adult worker profile recommending the appointment of any adult leader to service.The best Advisory Councils consist of 10 or more members, each with their own job, and none with an overload responsibility.  The Chapter Advisor is the key position, and may be expected to do more than other Advisors.

3.         Supervise the Chapter, through the Advisory Council.  The Sponsoring Body should have some input into the program, activities, membership and funding of the Chapter.  It is important however, to observe protocol by working through its representatives appointed to the Advisory Council.  A Chapter is much more likely to enjoy success when its Sponsoring Body demonstrates interest in the programs the young men have developed.

4.         Promote Membership in DeMolay.  Spread the word about the great program of DeMolay, among the children, grand-children, relatives and neighbors of the members of the Sponsoring Body.

5.         Visit DeMolay meetings or public functions.  It is important that the Sponsoring body be officially represented by an officer at the public Installation of Officers held twice each year.  Occasional visitations to a regular meeting or an activity by members or officers will show the young men that the Sponsoring Body is committed to the Chapter.

6.         Financial assistance is helpful, but not necessary.  DeMolays are expected to raise their own funds for activities, charity, and Masonic service.  However, Masonic sponsorship or scholarships, special activities, tuition for the Key Man Conference, and sponsors of delegates to the Annual Conclave are just some of the ways that sponsoring bodies have provided help, if within their means. The Grand Lodge has authorized the use of Lodge Funds to support the Order of DeMolay.  In addition, DeMolay Chapters hold an IRS 501(c)(3) classification and may accept tax-deductible contributions. 

7.         Provide a good moral and fraternal example to the DeMolays.  The purpose of DeMolay is to take good boys and make them into good young men.  We are, in essence, imparting Masonic principles to our youth.

Does your sponsoring body do this for your Chapter? Are you a member of a Masonic group that could manage this kind of support for a Chapter? Then shoot us an email at!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth C. Anthony

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