Monday, March 12, 2012

The Prize Fight of the Week

The election season always seems to take its toll on community organizations. Brotherhood may reign supreme in DeMolay, but everyone has their own political passions that can sometimes bleed into the fraternal world. Every person is welcome to their opinions and ideas, but we must be careful to not infringe on anyone else when expressing our own. Whether you believe yourself to be conservative or liberal, libertarian or green, or any other part of the political spectrum, there is a time and a place to discuss those opinions; DeMolay should rarely, if ever, be that time and place.

"But, "Dad" Anthony, isn't government an important part of DeMolay teachings?" you ask. Why, yes it is! However, there is a line to be drawn between government and politics. In DeMolay, we are welcome to discuss government until the cows come home, but politics is something we should avoid. To help you understand this difference, I direct you where a great article details the specifics.

In our Chapters, we should talk about the political process and how those elected to those positions are performing. What we should avoid is heated debate over specific issues. Let me give you an example. Let's say your local congressmen has signed a bill that opposes a controversial issue. You are welcome to discuss the statements he publicly makes regarding the bill, and even the community reaction. What you should avoid doing is discussing the pros and cons of his stance or inviting debate about the topic.

It's important for our members to recognize the way our democracy works and be able to participate in it when they are of age to do so. So, don't be afraid to discuss government in your Chapter, but an avoidance of politics is always a good policy to have.

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

P.S. - This is one of my favorite videos about government and politics. While it relates to government in Ireland, it's a great way to think about this topic.

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