Friday, January 14, 2011

Trivia with Fezzy: Week 12

Each Friday I am posting a PA DeMolay Blog related trivia question. Each active DeMolay from Pennsylania (excluding Elected State Officers) who correctly posts their answer in the comments section of this blog will be placed in a drawing to receive 5 points for the Take Control! program and receive a special "Fezzy" gamer tag over on the points page! All you have to do is leave your answer in the comments section. On Monday morning I will randomly select one of the correct answers and award the person with the points. Answer every week and rack up some major points - it's that easy!

Remember, the answer to each question can be found right here on the PA DeMolay blog - but this week may require you do some more digging over at the DeMolay International website -

So, on to the question of the week! This is an easy one!

1. How many members does New York DeMolay currently have (not the number quoted in the article.) Who is the current EO of New York? And, lastly, the Chapters of New York DeMolay are divided into four regions. What are they?

Bonus question!

2. How many members does PA DeMolay currently have on the books and what place (meaning in the top ten) are we in when compared to the other jurisdictions? How many more new members do we need to move up to the next place?

These are some harder questions, so you better get answering!

Frat!-"Dad" Seth "Fezzy" Anthony


  1. 1. 406;Dad Bill Sardone;West to East, they are Niagara Frontier, Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, and Metropolitan

    This was challenging but kind of neat to see how PA is standing with the world

  2. Great job Isaac! You got the NY question perfect! Alas, there was one error on your PA question though... we are at 738 members, Washington is at 752 members. 752-738 = 14, not 29. As much as I'd love to give you the points, I have to be fair, as the rule was you had to get the whole question right. You do, however, still get another Fezzy tag over on the points page and 5 more points!