Friday, July 16, 2010

A bonus post, with a WIIFM!

Here at the PA DeMolay office we've been having a ton of fun writing this blog. It's given us an outlet for our thoughts, and a great way to connect with members and advisors all over the world. We really can't say enough about the experience!

As the blog has grown, so has our readership, but one number never seems to change. The amount of official "Followers" of this blog has hovered around 11 for quite some time now, and we'd like to change that. For that to happen we need your help!

We are kindly asking that each person who reads this blog (whether it be on our PA DeMolay website, or on the blog page itself) to go to, if you aren't already there. Now, look up on the right hand side, and you'll see a list of Followers, with a friendly little button that says "Follow." All we ask is that you click that button, and sign in if necessary (it uses a Google account, which almost everyone has), and become a Follower. It's really that easy!

So, you may be asking yourself, WIIFM? (In case you have been living in a vacuum, WIIFM = "What's in it for Me?" Well, fine reader, I have some fabulous prizes to give away to those who become "Followers" of this fine blog! I was trying to come up with something interesting, and a quick trip to the basement of Patton Hall produced a perfect idea.

Behold! This is an original DeMolay emblem patch, in almost mint condition, dated to between 1932 and 1943. How do I know that? Well, this version of the DeMolay emblem was adopted in 1932. Notice that the emblem has all pearls in it, which means that none of the original members of DeMolay had died. It wasn't until 1943 that Louis Lower, the first DeMolay, passed away. That's how I know that these patches are least 67 years old!

I have 10 of these patches to give away to readers like you! So, how do you get one of these vintage pieces of DeMolay history! Beginning on Friday, July 23, 2010, I will announce a winner, drawn at random from the list of those who "Follow" this blog. That means that you have to be listed as a "Follower" on the right hand side of the main page at I will continue to draw names for 10 weeks, and a person can only win once!

So, what do you say? Click that follow button, and get yourself in the running for one of these awesome pieces of DeMolay history!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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