Thursday, June 3, 2010

When was the last time you served your commuity?

Community service is a big part of the DeMolay program. Almost every week we hear of a Chapter in Pennsylvania being active in their community, and making life better for those around them. PA DeMolay Chapters have some of the best community service programs in all of DeMolay International, but sometimes coming up with an idea for a new kind of community service project can be hard.

There are a lot ways to come up with new ideas. I mean, heck, you are sitting in front of the Internet right now, aren't you? Do a quick search, and see what you can find. I did, and came up with a great resource located at Families with Purpose. They have a quick list of ideas that includes a few really good suggestions. My favorites are:

Helping the Elderly - Volunteer to mow lawn or shovel snow for an elderly person in your community. Check with your local senior citizens center or place of worship for a list of people in need. Click here to find a senior citizen center in your area. (This one is especially good for DeMolay Chapters - how about helping an elderly Lodge member?)

Visit a Nursing Home - Visit a local nursing home in your community. Many elderly in a home enjoy playing games, talking, or listening to a good book. Be sure to call the nursing home in advance to make arrangements for how your family can best help.

Help the Animals - Children love animals, so why not use this interest in animals to help out at your local Humane Society by donating your time or supplies (pet food, old blankets).

Likewise, check out which is website that connects volunteers with opportunities. A quick search for Pennsylvania turned up almost 2200 opportunities? There are multitude of different available projects on the website, and while not all are good for DeMolay Chapters, there are certainly some options there.

A good DeMolay always uses his resources, so hit the net, and find some great projects for your Chapter!

Frat ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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