Friday, May 28, 2010

Can you place PA on a map?

You, as a member of DeMolay in Pennsylvania, have more impact on our organization than you know. Specifically, you have a huge amount of sway in determining where PA DeMolay is going to rank among all of the jurisdictions in the world when it comes to membership. Let's start simple, though.

Have you ever gone to and checked out their Membership Statistics page? Go ahead and check those out. I'll wait...

Ooo... I forgot about this bag of honey nut chex mix in my desk. This is some tasty... oh, wait, you're back. Great! So, if you look at the membership statistics page you'll see that Pennsylvania is the 8th largest jurisdiction in all of DeMolay International. 8th seems pretty good right? Well, it could, but when you realize that we're only 4 new members away from moving up to 7th (take that Indiana!) then 8th isn't so great! If we continue our current trend, we could easily move up to 6th and beat out Washington! That's only 31 more members!

Moving up depends on one thing, however, and that is what the other Jurisdictions are doing in the way of recruitment. Using that same Membership Statistics page we can glean some more information about our rivals! Out of the top ten, only 4 Jurisdictions are larger now than they were one year ago (PA, Southern California, Missouri, and Ohio.) Notice that Indiana and Washington State are not on that list! That means that they are losing more members than they are gaining, which gives us the advantage!
Now, one more stat! If you click on the "365" under the "Recent New Members" header, it will re-sort the numbers to show you who has recruited the most new members in the last 365 days. Well, look at that! PA is 5th, and we're only behind the 4th place Jurisdiction by 7, the third place Jurisdiction by 12, and the second place Jurisdiction by 15! That's right my Brothers! All we need to do is recruit about, oh, 20 new guys in the next 30 days, and we should be able to be the second largest recruiter in all of DeMolay International! That's huge!

So, I hear you saying, "20 new members in 30 days? That's kind of hard! " How about I do you one better and say that you only need to recruit 12 new members in 30 days? You can thank Bro. Jeff Hample, of Northeast Chapter, because Jeff has just inducted 8 of his friends into DeMolay! Great job Jeff! He truly understands that membership is a "me" thing, not a "we" thing. He took it upon himself to go get new members, not wait around for someone else from his Chapter to do the job.

Alright guys - those are your marching orders! If you can get 12 new members in the next 30 days, we have a good shot at being the second largest recruiter in the world! I know you can do it, so go out there and get your friends to join DeMolay! Oh, and don't forget to check out the membership statistics often so you know where PA ranks!

What are you waiting for? I'm just going enjoy my Chex Mix. Go recruit someone!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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