Monday, May 3, 2010

This is why we do this...

The PMYF Adult Leader and the PA DeMolay Superhero School weekends are now behind us, and things are starting to settle back into the regular groove here at the PMYF office. Both events went off fabulously, and we're hearing rave reviews from all corners of the commonwealth.

As you can well imagine, these events don't just plan and execute themselves. Many hours of preparation go into creating these weekends, and when it's all over, the memories of enjoyable experiences are hopefully the outcome. Truth be told, we rarely hear about how these weekends impact on members and advisors, especially if it's in a good way (the old adage that you'll hear more complaints than compliments is very true!) So, to our sup rise and delight we received the following letter via e-mail from a DeMolay advisor that reminds us just why we do this!

To Pa. DeMolay,

This weekend Westmoreland Chapter took 10 boys and 4 Advisors to Super Hero Weekend. We have 12 boys, and the other two wanted to come also, but family commitments would not make that possible. As we, the advisors, were getting ready to head out we thought 10 boys… 3-1/2 hours in cars… WOW is this going to be a challenge! The boys were excited and loud, but the trip was ok. The weekend was great. The boys all said they had fun and even learned a little stuff. They really like the swimming, dodgeball and basketball. They also liked the Super Hero part.

It was a very busy weekend and the next thing we knew it was time to load the boys up for the return 3-1/2 hour trip. You would have thought they would have fallen asleep; no way. Part of the trip they talked about who took the Crown. By 3:15 we had returned the boys home. I think the other advisors were done by then also.

At 5:00 PM we needed to be at the Greensburg Masonic Center for the DeMolay Meeting. Before the meeting started, while the boys were setting up the room, some of the advisors were talking about the last couple of weekends at E-Town. All the advisors were laughing so hard about the stories told. Now it is time for the meeting.

We were told that Steel City Chapter was coming for the JUDGE. At start time they were not here yet. Knowing they were coming from E-Town also, we started the meeting 15 minutes late. According to the rules of the JUDGE the visiting Chapter must be present from the beginning of the meeting to the end of the meeting. We are about 15 minutes into the meeting and there is a knock at the door. They made it, but according to the rules they might not get the JUDGE. What happened next was amazing.

When the meeting was almost over and they were under the Good of the Order, the M.C. Nolan Westerlund asked the Steel City boys to step out for a moment. He then asked the Chapter what they should do about the JUDGE, because, at this point, I will tell you that our boys are very passionate about the JUDGE. They feel that it “belongs” in Westmoreland Chapter. After some debate they called the Steel City boys back in and gave them the JUDGE. I will also say they did find out when their next meeting was so they could bring it back “home.”

The reason I feel this story is important, is to show that they DO pay attention, even when you do not feel they are listening or learning what DeMolay is all about. This was a prime example of DeMolay at work. The boys of Westmoreland Chapter thought more about Steel City, and they took into consideration that they took time to visit, and therefore set the rules aside to help their brother DeMolays.

To the State Officers past, current & future, the Executive Officer and staff, the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation:
You might not hear this very often, but you make a difference in the lives of not only the boys but also Advisors. This weekend, even thought the boys of Westmoreland Chapter did not say it, they were paying attention to the workshops, and put a lot of what they learned into action last night.
Great job!


Bruce Neubauer, Sr.

Advisor-- Westmoreland Chapter-- and I am very proud of it!

This is a great story from a Chapter experiencing a renaissance in excitement, enthusiasm and growth. So, what's your Chapter's story?

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