Thursday, April 29, 2010

Placing the Puzzle Pieces

DeMolay is a big organization. With over 16,000 member worldwide. It takes a pretty intricate organization to operate those Chapters, and to many the bureaucracy of how it works is mind boggling. Recently I stumbled over a great breakdown of how DeMolay runs, from the home Chapter all the way to the Grand Master. Have a read, and perhaps you'll learn something!

Young Men between the ages of 12 and 21, of good morale character and belief in a supreme being are welcome to join DeMolay. The newest member of DeMolay is the most important.

Councilors and Officers
Each Chapter has 22 Officer Positions.

Master Councilor
Senior Councilor
Junior Councilor
Senior Deacon
Junior Deacon
Senior Steward
Junior Steward
Standard Bearer
1st Preceptor Filial Love
2nd Preceptor Reverence for Sacred Things
3rd Preceptor Courtesy
4th Preceptor Comradeship
5th Preceptor Fidelity
6th Preceptor Cleanness
7th Preceptor Patriotism

The Master Councilor IS the leader of the Chapter. The Councilors are elected by the members of the Chapter to server for 1 term of office. The remaining officers are appointed to serve by the Master Councilor, with the exception of the Scribe, which is appointed by the Advisory Council.

Your Jurisdiction
Most jurisdictions elect a State (or Jurisdictional) Master Councilor and a corps of elected State (or Jurisdictional) Officers. A corps of appointed officers is usually designated as well.

Your Region
DeMolay International is divided into 8 Regions. At the annual International Supreme Council and DeMolay Congress Session, a Regional Coordinator is selected to serve in your region. His duty is to promote communication and brotherhood among the Jurisdictions he serves and also to promote DeMolay International programs and happenings.

DeMolay International
Each year an International Master Councilor and International Congress Secretary are elected by a congress of delegates from every DeMolay Jurisdiction. Candidates for these offices must be past or present State Master Councilors (or equivalents.) The IMC and ICS serve DeMolay by representing us at National Masonic and public functions and affairs. They also visit jurisdictions to promote DeMolay International programs.

Chapter Advisory Councils
Advisors are just that. They Advise! The point of DeMolay is that you, the member, plan and execute all activities and endeavors of your Chapter.

The Chapter Advisor (aka: Chapter "Dad")
The Chapter Advisor’s role is to work with the Chapter’s Leadership to accomplish their goals. He or she also is your direct line of communication between the Chapter and the remaining advisors in the Advisory Council. He or she is the Advisor to turn to for guidance on issues that arise while working within your Chapter.

The Chapter Chairman
The Chapter Dad’s role is to work with the Chapter’s Advisors to ensure proper attention is given to the various projects that the Chapter undertakes. He is the direct line of communication between the Chapter and the Sponsoring Body.

Specialty Advisors
A successful Chapter is one that follows all facets of the DeMolay program. To accomplish this, your Chapter’s Chairman should assign Advisors to work with the Chapter and specialize in the following areas:

Membership Athletics & Activities
Fundraising Public Relations & Communications
Ritual Awards & Honors

The Executive Officer
Each Jurisdiction is assigned a representative of the International Supreme Council. This person is known as the Executive Officer. It is his responsibility to ensure that his assigned Jurisdiction and the Chapters within it operate within the rules and regulations of DeMolay. He sets policy and procedure that all Members and Advisors must follow. He also assigns a staff which takes on responsibility for projects and programs within the jurisdiction.

Active, Deputy, Emeritus and Honorary Members of the International Supreme Council
The International Supreme Council is made up of Advisors from all jurisdictions within DeMolay International. There are several ranks of distinction or “classes” amongst these advisors who govern over the affairs of DeMolay. An “Active” member is a member that has a voice and vote on all issues before the ISC. “Deputy” members have a voice, but cannot vote. “Emeritus” status is given to members who have attained the age of 75. An “Honorary” member is someone who is designated by the ISC as someone who has contributed much the betterment of DeMolay as a whole.

The Grand Master of DeMolay
Each year the Active members of the International Supreme Council vote for an elected line of ISC officers.
These officers are:
Grand Master
Grand Senior Councilor
Grand Junior Councilor
Grand Secretary
Grand Treasurer

To apply this to Pennsylvania, think of this way. In your Chapter you have your Master Councilor, Chapter Advisor, and Chapter Chairman. Next up are the Elected State Officers lead by our SMC, Howard Wagner, and the Executive Officer and his leadership team, led by "Dad" Thomas R. Labagh. Our Jurisdiction (being the State of PA) is in DeMolay International's Region II, which consists of New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Nation's Capital, New York, and of course, PA. Beyond on our Region, we have the International Master Councilor, Bro. Ben Turconi, from Northern California, and the International Congress Secretary, Bro. Jaymie Jordan, from Oklahoma. "Dad" Robert Cockerham is the current Grand Master of DeMolay International, and he's from Missouri.

So there you have it. A quick, concise breakdown of how this little group of ours is run. Where do you fit into the mix? Where do you want to go? It's all up to you!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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