Friday, December 29, 2017

Increasing the Incentive to Sell Yearbook Ads

The following blog post is a message from "Dad" Mike Larkin, Director of the PA DeMolay Yearbook. 

Just a few months ago we were in Allentown at Convention getting ready to install a team of State Officers commencing the beginning of their new term. During that weekend, we distributed the DeMolay Yearbook, marking the end of a long process which resulted because of the hard work of many members, Advisors, and a few creative people at 1244 Bainbridge Road. State Master Councilor Jacob Beers did an amazing job with the layout of the book. I appreciate his hard work, his attention to detail, and most important, that he was sure to include lots of great photos of our members. Looking forward to 2018, it is my hope that together we will be able to make our Yearbook grow with more pages and more photos representing every Chapter in Pennsylvania. 

To encourage you to sell more pages, we will be offering an improved rebate program. If you attended the recent Supreme Tall Cedars Class at Patton Campus in December, you may have heard me talk about a few changes to the Yearbook program for 2018. This year we will be using a new publisher. As a result, our printing costs will be lower, allowing us to improve the rebate program. Last year we payed each chapter a flat 40% rebate for each ad dollar sold. This year we will roll out a new tiered rebate program that will increase the percentage as you sell more pages. Our hope is that this change will encourage you to sell more pages, resulting in more money for your chapter treasury. 

Great Yearbooks are full of photos of the past year’s activities. Last year we created a new photo page for the PA DeMolay Yearbook. Members submitted a short paragraph on how DeMolay has made them a better person. We selected 2 great submissions, added some photos and created 2 new pages for the Yearbook. We are doing this again this year with a slight format change. Any member can participate, just complete one of the two questions listed below and submit to the PA DeMolay Office. 

“The five most important things I’ve learned in DeMolay” 
“The five things I like most about DeMolay.”

From all the submissions that we receive, we will choose the best 4 members’ lists, add your photo, and will publish them in the 2018 Yearbook. Look for more details in the Yearbook mailing that is being sent to your Chapters soon. 

Finally, I am excited to say that we are off to a great start, $1,200 of Yearbook ad pages have been sold for the 2018 Yearbook. As always I appreciate the participation in this program and look forward to another great year. 

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