Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2016 KMU Movie Preview, Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad, a can’t miss action thriller.
On Friday August 5, 2016; Suicide Squad will be coming out in theaters across the nation. This film focuses on some of the man villains of DC Comics universe, rather than their hero counterparts. This alone is drawing the interest of many people, myself included. In Suicide Squad villains Harley Quinn and Joker are recruited by the government, and sent to destroy said government’s enemies. Another villain, Deadshot, who specializes with firearms, is the one that I am particularly looking forward to seeing, because according to his backstory he never misses a shot. I for one am fascinated by the concept of Suicide Squad and am incredibly excited to see it, because as I said it will focus on the villains, and I think  that this factor along will make the movie enticing to all that love DC Comics, and even those who don’t.
~David L., Editor-n-chief of the 2016 KMU Communications & Media Department.
Suicide Squad(2016), is a film production by DC Entertainment, and is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. All rights and trademarks are reserved by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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