Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back To School For DeMolay

The summer is almost over, which means school is back in session. I’m sure most DeMolay members will cringe at the thought of school, but it’s not all bad right? You get to see friends that you haven’t seen throughout the summer, experience a new classroom with a new teacher, and you’re a grade higher than you were last year. The most important part of why school is a good thing is because it’s the perfect place to promote DeMolay.

The one thing that makes DeMolay grow is membership, bringing in others to enjoy the experiences that we have all enjoyed ourselves. Why not take advantage of this opportunity by promoting DeMolay at school? You can talk to friends about the fun activities that took place over the summer during lunch or in between classes (I don’t recommend talking during class time. Teachers won’t like that.) You can describe how much fun you had at KeyMan or Convention. When they ask how do I take part in this, give them a form and a brochure.

Another way to promote DeMolay is to promote without saying a word, through advertising. Wear a DeMolay shirt or an emblem on your backpack. Friends may ask what that logo represents, creating a conversation starter, and hopefully a new prospective member.

So, now you should be excited about going back to school. Go out there and recruit new members to make your DeMolay experience more exciting.   

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