Thursday, June 30, 2016

Meet the Candidates: Tyler Moyer

Convention is right around the corner, which means it will be time to vote for PA DeMolay's Elected State Officers. This series will introduce you to each candidate as they prepare to run for office. They were all asked to provide a short biography and an answer to the three questions below.

My name is Benjamin Tyler Moyer and I have been a member of Pilgrim Chapter since 2010. Since joining I have served multiple terms as Master Councilor, earning my Past Master Councilor's- Meritorious Service Award along the way. Throughout my years of service, I have also attained many other achievements including my Representative DeMolay Award, Founder's Membership Award, DeMolay Varsity Letter and Lamp of Knowledge. For the past four years I have served as an Appointed State Officer and have attended the Key Man Leadership Conference every year since joining, most recently as a member of the Jurisdictional Officer department. I feel that this year I'm ready to make the jump to serve again, this time as one of your elected state officers.

If you are elected to serve, what do you hope to accomplish?
I plan on bringing many new ideas to the table to help make Pennsylvania DeMolay better and stronger. As a member of Pilgrim Chapter, I always received a ton of support from my members and advisors to peruse different ideas to get new members. If elected, it will be one of my goals to extend that same support to all members. I hope to visit as many chapters as possible and be there for meetings, prospect events and whatever else they would have me at, to extend that same support and offer advice.
What is your greatest DeMolay experience?
My greatest experience would actually have to be before I joined DeMolay. About a year before I joined, I attended a prospect party that was held at Key Man where I met so many new people that today I'm able to call my friends. I was able to experience the fun and fellowship that I knew my brother had been having for years and it's one of the things that really made me want to join. 

Who are some of your DeMolay influences?
My greatest DeMolay influences would have to be the Past State Master Councilor’s that I have been a member under or have gotten to know personally through the years. I have always been inspired by the way they lead and what they have brought to the table. I hope in the coming years I can also bring to the table ideas that will inspire others. 

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