Thursday, June 16, 2016

Meet the Candidates: Eric Dye

Convention is right around the corner, which means it will be time to vote for PA DeMolay's Elected State Officers. This series will introduce you to each candidate as they prepare to run for office. They were all asked to provide a short biography and an answer to the three questions below.  

Who is your top choice for the position of State Master Councilor? Mine would be either Zombie JFK or Jacques DeMolay. However, I would like to humbly put my name in the ring as well. My name is Eric Dye, and I am a Past Master Councilor of Allentown Chapter, where I earned my PMC-MSA. I've earned a lot of other honors and awards in DeMolay in the past, but what's important now is the future. I look forward to helping make Pennsylvania DeMolay a better place for all of its members and advisors. 

If you are elected to serve, what do you hope to accomplish?
The future of DeMolay is up to us. Though this is a sweeping statement, it is very true in a larger sense. Every day, we have a chance to make DeMolay better. Every day, we can communicate, plan, and think of better ideas than the day before and put those plans into action. As State Master Councilor, I will work hard to establish clear communication on how DeMolays in Pennsylvania will accomplish great things together. Another area that I find strength in is the brotherhood that stays strong across the distance of PA. The members in our state have an incredibly strong sense of brotherhood, and together we can bring in more members who will help us get more ideas on how to plan bigger and better things. DeMolay is a process, and I plan on giving 110%, all day, every day, so we can see just how great our fraternity can be.

What is your greatest DeMolay experience?
We have had incredibly successful events, my favorite being the Monte Carlo Game Night at the 007 Weekend. The excitement that came from the members during this event is what makes our job as an Elected State Officer worth while.  

Who are some of your DeMolay influences?
I'd have to say some of my biggest DeMolay influences would have to be the PMC's and advisors from my hometown of Allentown Chapter. They have always been there for me to teach me what it means to be a leader. Thank you for all of the overwhelming support over the years.   

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