Thursday, April 25, 2013

PA DeMolay Website Plugs

Well, hello there intrepid reader! You're probably asking yourself "Self, why hasn't the PA DeMolay blog been updated since last Thursday?" I have an answer to that question! You see, you're blog-master fell ill on Monday before being able to post his musings for that day. However, he's back in an action and feeling fit, so we're here with an update!

The PA DeMolay website, located over at, has been seeing a lot of changes, many of which may not be popping up on your radar yet. Here's a list of important updates you should be aware of:

  • PA DeMolay has updated its Zero Tolerance Policy. Please make sure you download and read this important policy clarification.
  • Convention 2013 registration and information has been posted. Get it on your calendar now and plan to party by the bay with PA DeMolay!
  • Key Man Conference 2013 registration and information is now available. Even if you aren't from PA, check this out! Plus, for PA DeMolay's, we've found a way to make Key Man more affordable than ever!
  • Some people may not remember that we have a Military Service Gallery in our "People" section. Take a moment and read about our Brothers who are serving in the armed forces.
  • The May 2013 Keystone Crusader has been posted.

I appreciate everyone's patience and I hope that you're just as excited about PA DeMolay's summer program as I am!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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