Thursday, April 4, 2013

A PA DeMolay is Dino-might!

Bro. Tyler Bausinger, of Delaware Valley Chapter, is a well known face around PA DeMolay. As a Past Master Councilor, he has been actively involved in almost all aspects of our program, from sporting weekends, to leadership training, to the Appointed State Officer corps. One thing can be said for certain of Tyler - he's a leader. It came as no surprise that he was recently featured in a local news paper for creating a business out of his home.

Tyler is a long time lover of all things dinosaur. According the piece, he fell in love with the giant reptiles as a kid and his interest in them has never wavered. Using that as a basis, Tyler created a mail order company that produces educational kits for children that teach about dinosaurs. Calling it the "Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club," Tyler has made a true business out of his passion. You can read the entire story here:

This is a great example of a DeMolay taking initiative and showing his potential as a leader. Kudos to Tyler!

In the same vein as my last article - if you have information regarding a remarkable DeMolay or Senior DeMolay, please send the details to We may use the information for a future blog post.

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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