Thursday, November 8, 2012

KoD Update and Round Table

Today, I'm pleased to have a special guest post. Bro. Robbie S., from Westmoreland Chapter located in Greensburg, PA, has taken to the Kingdom of DeMolay like a fish to water. He, as well as several PA DeMolays, are very active in the Kingdom and they wanted to give everyone an update on what's going on with the program.

The Kingdom of DeMolay is a virtual world where anything is possible. You can talk with brothers from far out lands. You can also build almost anything and have fun. A recent event included a Halloween themed region with festivities for the whole community!

Many regions and islands span the Kingdom of DeMolay world. Each DeMolay Jurisdiction gets its own sandbox region to let the Brethren create their own content. The possibilities for creativity are endless! Currently the Kingdom is open to any suggestions to tailor the experience to its players. Developers have put many hours and much imagination into creating the Kingdom. Now its up to you to shape it the way you want.

On Thursday, November 8th, 2012 there will be a open "round-table" where anyone who wants to express their ideas and concerns may do so. The meeting will convene at 7 pm and run for about two hours. The round-table will take place in the kingdom of DeMolay on Faith Island.

Everyone should make it a goal to get a brother signed up for the Kingdom of DeMolay. With each Brother that joins the Kingdom of DeMolay, the more fun we all will have. See you online!

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