Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Preview: Round 2

On Monday, I gave you a preview of one of the organization charts we are using in the new online version of the DAD Training. The chart you saw was for the young men, but we all know that the adult volunteers of DeMolay are organized a bit differently. We just put the finishing touches on the Adult Leader Organization Chart and I'm happy to share it with you today! Please note, this chart was developed with Pennsylvania DeMolay in mind, but much of it applies to the organization as a whole.

  • DeMolay International (Active and Deputy Members) – DeMolay International is the highest authority on the DeMolay program. It is composed of Active Members (who wear gold collars) and a varied number of Deputy Members (who wear silver collars.) Active members may speak and vote on issues, while Deputy members may only speak.
    • Board of Directors of DeMolay International – This body rules when DeMolay International is not in session. It is composed of the officers of DeMolay International (Grand Master, Grand Secretary, Regional Representatives, etc.), two active DeMolays (the International Master Councilor and the International Congress Secretary) and several key committee chairmen.
  • Executive Officer of Pennsylvania DeMolay – The Executive Officer of a jurisdiction is the highest DeMolay authority in his assigned area. He is appointed by the Grand Master of DeMolay International with input from the Masonic organization in his territory. He is responsible for managing and organizing DeMolay in his jurisdiction.
    • Executive Secretary of Pennsylvania DeMolay – Appointed by the Executive Officer, the Executive Secretary serves as his right hand man. In Pennsylvania DeMolay, the Executive Secretary handles the day to day and clerical operations of the organization, such as membership and program reporting, Advisory Council registrations, and jurisdictional communications.
    • Executive Officer’s Leadership Team – Each Executive Officer is allowed to appoint jurisdictional staff members to help administer the DeMolay program in his area. In Pennsylvania DeMolay, there are Deputy Executive Officers who aid with administrative oversight of Chapters as assigned. Additionally, there are program directors who handle specific duties within PA DeMolay (such as Ritual, the State Officer Corps, and Convention.)
  • The Advisory Council of a Local Chapter – Local DeMolay Chapters have an Advisory Council which is appointed by the Executive Officer. They serve entirely at his discretion and he may appoint and remove members at any time, with or without reason. These adult leaders ensure that each DeMolay Chapter meets organizational requirements and provides quality programming for the young men.
    • Chapter Chairman of the Advisory Council – The adult leadership of the Council is overseen by the Chapter Chairman, whose job it is to make sure that the Chapter has enough Advisors and to oversee the adults working with the Chapter.
    • Chapter Advisor – Each Advisory Council chooses a Chapter Advisor, whose job is to work with the young men, most especially the Councilors, on planning Chapter activities. This person serves as the conduit between the young men and the Advisory Council.
    • Members of the Advisory Council – Every member of an Advisory Council is important and will fill varied roles, such as Ritual Advisor, Merit Bar Advisor, etc. They will also help in making sure that every DeMolay event meets the Youth Protection Guidelines by being available to supervise activities.
    • Councilors – The Councilors (Master, Senior, Junior) are elected by the young men and act as their leaders. They work with the Chapter Advisor to plan events and organize the Chapter.
    • Members of the Chapter – These are the young men; the DeMolays themselves.
I hope this chart clears up some questions for you!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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