Monday, September 17, 2012

A Preview of Things to Come

Here at the PA DeMolay office we juggle many projects at once. One such project is the upcoming online DAD Training program. While still in its infant stages, we are working diligently to pull together the resources necessary to do DAD and DAD Plus training programs through an electronic medium. This requires us to produce a lot of documentation and resources. One of the things I've been pulling together is an organization chart of DeMolay. Today, I thought I'd give you a preview of that piece. This should give the newbies a good idea of how the youth lead our organization while giving veteran DeMolay folks a new way to look at things.

Please keep in mind that these are draft documents and do not represent a final product. They are also tailored for Pennsylvania.

First, let's look at the chart itself:

Now, let's go through the descriptions for each entry on the chart:

DeMolay Youth Leader Organization Chart Descriptions

  • DeMolay International Congress – Composed of two representatives from each jurisdiction, as well as cabinet members and the International Master Councilor and the International Congress Secretary; this body serves as the voice of the members of DeMolay to DeMolay International. In Pennsylvania, two of the Elected State Officers serve as the representatives.
    • The International Master Councilor and the International Congress Secretary – Elected by their peers, these two members of DeMolay hold seats on the Board of Directors of DeMolay International and act as the public face of DeMolay. They represent the interests of the DeMolay International Congress when not in session.
      • Regional Cabinet Members – Represent the interest of DeMolays from various geographical areas. Each Region elects its own Cabinet member, who then works with the International Master Councilor and International Congress Secretary to achieve programming goals.
  • State / Jurisdictional Master Councilors – Each state or jurisdiction selects a State / Jurisdictional Master Councilor to lead DeMolay. He will act as a liaison between DeMolay and the Masonic Fraternity, as well as the public. In Pennsylvania, he is also given the responsibility of organizing and leading the DeMolay program across the Commonwealth through initiatives and program planning. The State Master Councilor is elected by the DeMolays in Pennsylvania at the annual Convention. He must have served as least one term as an Elected State Officer before submitting his name to run for State Master Councilor.
  • Elected State Officers – The Elected State Officers are the backbone of PA DeMolay. They assist the State Master Councilor in executing his goals, as well as provide leadership to the young men in the local Chapters.
  • Appointed State Officers – The State Master Councilor appoints several young men to leadership positions within the fraternity. These members will take part in ritual presentations and serve on jurisdictional committees.
  • Chapter Master Councilors – Every DeMolay Chapter elects a Master Councilor who will lead the Chapter for a six month term. He will plan and execute several activities and programs aimed at providing a fun and educational experience for his members and serving the community in which the Chapter is located.
  • Members of the Chapter - These are the young men; the DeMolays themselves.
I hope everyone will find this useful and feedback is always welcome!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth C. Anthony

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