Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Bit O'History

As I looked at doing today's blog post, I knew I wanted something different. The Key Man pieces we've been posting have been great, but I wanted something a little more visual and exciting for today. Thankfully, I recently received an email that ensured I could do that!

DeMolay in Brazil is a big deal. There are thousands of members in that country alone (and it rivals the size of DeMolay International.) There are lots of young men and Advisors in Brazil who have the teachings of DeMolay in their heart; one such person is Bro. AndrĂ© William Chormiak.

He and I first began communicating via email when he contacted me about some membership program questions. Later, we continued to chat about history and other items. I get about one email a month from him. Sometimes it's just about what is going on in Brazil DeMolay, but other times it might be of interest to a broader audience. His last email was one of those situations. 

Bro. Chormiak is a big collector of DeMolay and has amassed quite an impressive number of pieces of memorabilia relating to DeMolay through the years. He passed along some pictures from his collection and I wanted to share them with you. It contains items from both the United States and Brazil. I hope you enjoy! (Don't forget, you can click the images to see a larger version!)


  1. Thanks for your support Bro Seth!! =)

  2. Bro Seth missed the photos of old rituals from US.

    Has some itens from Italy and Germany too in the pictures.

    If you prefer we can do some posts together, pick a topic and lets write!