Monday, June 4, 2012

The 77 Year Crusade

Every month PA DeMolay publishes the "Keystone Crusader" - the official newsletter of PA DeMolay. What many don't realize is that the "Key Cru" is almost as old at PA DeMolay itself! Starting in 1935, the newsletter has been published off and on for almost 80 years. Originally it was intended as a bi-monthly newsletter, but in later years it grew to be a monthly mailing.

PA DeMolay is very lucky to have copies of almost all of the Keystone Crusaders that have been published, including original pieces from the 1930's. In Vol. 1, Issue 1, of the Keystone Crusader, the editor, Bro. Kendig C. Bare (more commonly known as "K.C.") wrote some interesting statements as part of his inaugural editorial. He said "This is an experiement - an experiment which we hope will prove of benefit to every member of DeMolay and every Chapter of DeMolay in the Keystone State." Little did "K.C." know that the Key Cru would become a staple of PA DeMolay for decades to come. He goes on to say "We hope you will write us about this paper; for it belongs to every DeMolay in the state." The Key Cru remains a publication created by the members, for the members. Now that's a legacy of leadership.

You can download a .pdf copy of the first three issues of the Keystone Crusader here. Be warned - this is a very large file (roughly 10 megabytes.) Let us know what you think of them. Do you recognize any names or Chapters? This is the history of your publication. Enjoy it and learn from it!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth C. Anthony

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