Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Dad" Land Lives

Every DeMolay has heard the countless tales of our history and of our Founder, "Dad" Frank S. Land. However, most have only seen pictures or portraits of our Founder. Few have any idea of what he was like as a person or of his mannerisms. He's become a revered figure - more myth than man in some cases. But, it's important for us to remember that Land was a real person, with real dreams.

Recently, I came across a YouTube video of "Dad" Land on TV with Ted Mack, a talk show host. In the piece, "Dad" Land introduces one his closest friends, President Harry Truman. It's one of the few surviving pieces that shows "Dad" Land as he was in real life, with his voice. It's a blast from the past to be sure, but I hope you enjoy seeing the legend come to life as much as I did.

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