Thursday, October 27, 2011


I realized last week that this humble little blog has recently passed some major milestones and is on its way to reaching a few more. This post is number 252 for the PA DeMolay blog. Our first post was created on January 4, 2010, just a couple months short of two years ago. While two years may not seem like a long time to some (and may seem like an eternity to others) in the world of the internet, that's an incredible amount of time. To our knowledge, there is no other DeMolay related blog that has been as consistently updated for any length as this one. However, anecdotal evidence doesn't make a case, so I'd like to share with you some statistics related to this site.
  • Views to date: 23,394
  • Most Views in a Single Month: August 2010 with 2,434 views.
  • Average Views Per Month (Over the last 12 months) - Just above 1500
  • Average Views Per Month (Last Quarter) - Just above 2000
  • Most Popular Post A Closer Look at Regalia: Part 1 - Aiguillettes - Posted August 19, 2010 (767 views)
  • Largest Referring Site: Google
  • Largest Referral by Link:
  • Top Five Search Words:
    • Unplug - 113
    • Aiguillette - 100
    • Aiguillettes - 79
    • Colonel Mustard Costume - 29
    • DeMolay - 24
Now some of you may be looking at those search terms and thinking "What in the heck?!?" Actually, those terms are good for the Blog. Why? While they may not be truly DeMolay related, they are bringing people to our Blog who are looking for something else. While they are here, they are probably learning at least a little bit about DeMolay, which is a very good thing! Just where do those viewers come from? Here is a break down of the top countries that check out this site:

United States
United Kingdom

Obviously the top four countries are all major areas for DeMolay, which explains their high hit rate. 

So, where is the blog going from here? That's a tough question. It's interesting to see how the blog has changed over time, but I know that it will continue to grow and prosper. As always, I'm open to new contributors and people who would like to have their opinion heard. Just drop your article in an e-mail to and we can talk about posting it!

Also, in the coming months, I will be doing a new feature called "Active DeMolay Spotlight." Like our popular Senior DeMolay Spotlight series, these articles will highlight what some of our current members are doing in their homes and communities. This is a great way for Active DeMolays to get their name out there to College Recruiters  Community Leaders, and other DeMolays (hint hint for those of you thinking of running for Elected State Office next year!)

So, stay tuned for another year and see where the Blog takes you!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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