Thursday, March 17, 2011

You be the Judge.

Today's post is from a special guest - Bro. Adam Neubauer of Westmoreland Chapter, who also serves as State 6th Preceptor for PA DeMolay.

While looking at the current and past holders of "the Judge," it dawned on me, many people may not know what "the Judge" stands for or what the purpose of it really is.  Back in 2005,  The Judge was made to honor Brother Justin D. Killian, PSMC and presented by "Dad" Rodney Boyce, Deputy Executive Officer. While reading the transcript of the presentation, something "Dad" Boyce said struck me. "
Once in a while someone comes along that sets the bar a little higher for all those who will follow in his footsteps.  Over the past three years I have had the distinct privilege of working with a young man who has done just that— set the bar a little higher." 

Now, keep that in mind while you read the rest of this post. The Judge was also made to encourage Chapters to visit other Chapters at their various events and meetings. The Judge, which has called Westmoreland Chapter it's home, has been a big hit at our Chapter. We were first introduced to the Judge January 2, 2006, and since then we've been passionate about getting it back! The Judge program has even inspired us to go above and beyond to introduce "mini-judges" to other chapters. The goal for them is to support further involvement in Chapters in our area! Like "Dad" Boyce said  before, The Judge was given to honor someone who set the bar higher. What can you do to set the bar higher?

- Bro. Adam Neubaur, State 6th Preceptor

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