Monday, March 21, 2011

Setting the Bar

Today's post is submitted by Bro. Max Ullom, of Joppa Chapter, who also serves as State Junior Deacon for PA DeMolay.

hy, might you ask, is community service such a big deal and more importantly why should we care about it? Community service, in itself, is a way you to show your Chapter and the organization in a good and desirable light in your community. It also allows you to help keep your community in top shape, knowing that you helped out in some way, no matter how small or large the task, it will make you feel better about yourself. By doing community service, it shows your town  that you care about the area you live and want to help to better in whatever way possible. It also can make an impression on the townsfolk that the youth of the area are interested in keeping the community in line and to help better it.

Ways that you can do community service can range from helping the Salvation Army ring bells around Christmas time to adopting a section of highway or road that passes through any area. For instance Joppa Chapter helped the community by wrapping gifts for needy children and giving them Christmas presents if they're less fortunate. We have also helped the local VFW plant flags on the graves of War Veterans in the cemetery, and we helped collect cell phones for the women’s shelter. These are just a few things Joppa did to help out the community of Washington, PA. There are many other ways than the ones I mentioned, but it’s just up to you as to what you want to do for the city or town you live in. As you read before in Bro. Neubauer's article, "Once in a while someone comes along that sets the bar a little higher." Will you and your Chapter be the ones to set the bar higher and Take Control! of your community service?  

- Bro. Max Ullom, Joppa Chapter

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