Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why be a member?

DeMolay is a unique organization in that the benefits of membership are, for the most part, intangible. It's hard to describe to a prospective member what "brotherhood" is, or define why you love "fellowship" so much, but they are indeed major draws to the program.

There are, however, some real life, physical, benefits. One that we at PA DeMolay have seen get little use is the Masonic Blood Donor Club. While there are limitations on who can actually give blood(specifically age requirements) ANY DeMolay in Pennsylvania can become a member if someone donates in his name! Once a DeMolay becomes a member of the Blood Club, that means that HE AND HIS IMMEDIATE FAMILY are ALL covered under the program. It sounds like a great program, but what exactly is it and how does it work? Well according to their website at

"It is any group of people who join together and agree to donate blood on a current routine basis in anticipation of the future blood needs of the group's members. It is a unique opportunity to protect you and your family and at the same time to save the life of another. Your participation in the Group Blood Assurance Plan offers cost-free blood replacement on a nationwide basis, if the hospital in which you or your family member is a patient is a member of the American Association of Blood Banks. Most health insurance policies do not pay for blood, therefore this is valuable protection."

So what happens after you give blood and then someone has an emegency and needs it?

"Inform the hospital that the patient is a Member of the Masonic Blood Club of Pennsylvania. This is normally all that is needed. If the hospital bills the patient for the blood, DO NOT PAY FOR THE UNITS. The patient is responsible for the cost of the administration of the blood, but not the blood itself."

What does this really mean for you? If you, or a member of your immediate family, are registered with the Masonic Blood Club, and you're in an accident that requires emergency workers to supply you with blood, you (and your family) will pay NOTHING for the blood itself. It's really that easy!

Now get this; now only do you get the health insurance benefit, but your DeMolay Chapter can get a financial benefit too! How? "

We are pleased to announce that any Blood Drive sponsored by a PA Lodge or appendant Masonic organization or Masonic youth group, will qualify that organization to designate for each blood unit collected, a gift of $10 per unit to a Masonic Charity (501c3 classification) of their choice, if pre-approved by this committee. Use this request form to sign up for this program. ... which will also need to be added to the list of forms on the right side of the page, just ABOVE the link to the Schedule of Bloodmobile Collections.)"

That's free money for your Chapter and a FREE benefit to you! This is a fantastic program that all Youth Group members and Master Masons should be involved with. Recently, Bro. Tyler Bausinger, of the recently re-opened Delaware Valley Chapter, participated in a Blood Drive with the club. Check it out here...

Now, go donate some blood, or get your Mom or Dad or any adult to donate in your name!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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