Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yo JO!

This week I have been updating the website to prepare for Convention 2010 and the election of State Officers for the next year. While doing this task my mind turned to an area that interests me... history. Who are all of those men that served as State Master Councilor? What about all of the others who were elected but never became SMC? So, I dove in to the PA DeMolay history file and came up with some fun facts in relation to the PA DeMolay State Officer Corp.

18 Chapters in PA DeMolay have had one SMC. Of the 18 Chapters that can claim one, only six of those are still active PA DeMolay Chapters today (Susquehanna, Lincoln, Westmoreland, Somerton, Delaware Valley, George Washington).

7 Chapters have had two SMC's, only two of which are still active Chapters (Joppa and Templar.)

3 Chapters have had four SMC's, Elizabethtown, Friendship-Bray, and Lancaster. Lancaster Chapter has since closed and been reborn as Lancaster-Phoenix Chapter. Elizabethtown is unique in that they have had four SMC's in an eight year period.

Pilgrim, Erie, and Allentown Chapters can each claim 5 SMC's to their credit. Erie was unique in this case in that they had 4 SMC's by 1959, and did not have another until 2007!

Lorraine Chapter stands alone at having six SMC's, all of them since 1957.

The Chapter with the most SMC's is Reading Chapter with 7 since 1956.

The office of Deputy State Master Councilor was established in 1987, and since that time 23 people have held the title. Of those 23 only 5 have not gone on to be State Master Councilor.

Since 1987 only one person elected to the office of State Treasurer has gone on to be State Master Councilor. This number can be deceptive however, as not all persons elected to the State Officer Corps intend to be SMC someday!

Of State Master Councilors elected since 1980, 19 of 31 have been from Chapters on the eastern side of the State. 8 of the 31 were from decidely Western Chapters, with the remaining 4 being from other areas of the Jurisdiction.

So what's the point of all of this? Well, there isn't really one... it's just some random intersting facts, and I hope you enjoyed them!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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