Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thankful for DeMolay

The following blog post was written by Brother Tyler Moyer, Deputy State Master Councilor for Pennsylvania DeMolay and PMC of Pilgrim Chapter. 

Last Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving, a day where we reflect on what we’re thankful for. We often take what we have for granted; whether it be the roof over our heads, the food on our plates, or the clothes on our back. One of the biggest things that we take for granted are the opportunities presented to us in our daily lives. We live in a time and place that gives us the opportunity to get an education, be who we want to be, and most especially, grow ourselves to be able to succeed in the world. How many of us take advantage of these opportunities? 

DeMolay affords so many opportunities to each of us; such as a place to find ourselves, develop lasting friendships, try new experiences, all while giving us a welcoming and safe place to hone a variety of skills. Sometimes, instead of recognizing this gift presented to us, we may complain or not participate. I see it all too often. We do our ritual to teach ourselves more about those valuable life lessons that are at the foundation of DeMolay and to improve our public speaking skills. We forget that planning our events, is teaching us about time management, communication and foresight planning. We forget that being a Councilor in our Chapter, develops and strengthens our leadership skills. We forget that bringing in new members, is about sharing the gifts that DeMolay gives each of us with our friends and future brothers. 
Don’t just sit back and let DeMolay go by you. Seize the opportunities and share this awesome experience with others. DeMolay is OUR organization and the success of it ten years down the line is dependent upon our efforts today. As has been said in the Ceremony of Light, "each of us holds within our hearts a flame." Has that flame gone out in some of us? If so, then why? And furthermore, what can WE do to get it back?

I hope you are thankful for your time in DeMolay and that you see that there are many opportunities still for you with DeMolay. I hope this motivates you to want to share your experience of DeMolay with others and invite them to a Chapter meeting or event. Show them the opportunities that await them. We've all heard the saying, “You get out of DeMolay what you put into it.” My final question to you is; “What will you do to get the most out of DeMolay?”

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  1. Tyler - you ROCK! You live DeMolay everyday of your life. You personify the slogan - I am DeMolay! You are an incredible young man and it is my pleasure to watch you, from a distance, give so much to DeMolay and Pennsylvania DeMolay. Thank You!