Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Meet the Candidates: Mary Lichtenwalner for State Sweetheart

Convention is just around the corner, so lets take a few minutes to meet the candidates for Elected State Office. Members will get the chance to elect their officers during the Business Session the Saturday morning of Convention. They were all asked to provide a biography and an answer to the three questions below.

Hello members of Pennsylvania DeMolay. My name is Mary Lichtenwalner and I am the current Chapter Sweetheart for Carlisle Chapter, running for the office of State Sweetheart. I will be a Senior at Central Dauphin High School in the fall, where I am a member of the National Honor Society and the school band. In Marching Band, I have been a Co-Section Leader for two years. In Concert Band, I am the 12th Grade Representative and Section
Leader. I am a member of Job's Daughters International, having served as Bethel Honored Queen for Bethel #19 in Mechanicsburg. I am also the current Grand Bethel Guide for Job's Daughters in Pennsylvania.

Why do you want to become State Sweetheart for Pennsylvania DeMolay?
I want to become State Sweetheart because I have enjoyed working with all of the young men I have met to promote the State Charity. I have also loved learning and educating myself on dyslexia and how the Dyslexia Centers tutor students to help them better their quality of life. 

What do you know about the Children's Dyslexia Center?
The Shriners helped to open the Children's Dyslexia Center in 1994 with the Massachusetts General Hospital. These Masons pledged to assist children with dyslexia to learn how to improve their reading levels and how to reach their full potential. Another promise made was to assist these families to help end the frustration, guilt and disruption that may be caused by dyslexia and to assist communities to develop more Children's Dyslexia Centers to help students inside and outside of school. The Dyslexia Center uses a personalized approach for each student that they tutor. The tutors will start with one concept and make sure that the student understands why they need to know the skill, when it will be used, how it will be used, how it is performed and what the skill is actually doing for them. The tutor will not move onto the next lesson until the student understands everything. 

Although you cannot fund-raise on your own, what fundraising ideas could you bring if a chapter asked you for new ideas?
A Chapter can organize raffles and raise money by selling tickets at meetings and to the Masonic Community. Another idea would be to hold a competition between two concepts or between DeMolay members. The voting could take place by either tickets or change, depending on how the chapter wants to organize it. Chapters could also use fundraisers such as movie nights or bake sales in the community, to promote membership as well as service.  

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