Friday, March 31, 2017

DeMolay to Freemasonry

The Order of DeMolay, along with all other Masonic Youth Groups, is sponsored by the Free and Accepted Masons. One common misconception is that all DeMolay members become Masons. Although this can, and often times is the case, it is not a forgone conclusion that a member of DeMolay will one day become a Mason. Although DeMolay is sponsored by the Freemasons, the two are separate organizations. Having seen many friends and brothers join the Masonic lodge, I can say that it is a special occasion when they are raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

DeMolay and Freemasonry have the same principals and focus, which can make it easy for people to consider DeMolay members to be "junior masons." They both take pride in serving the community through fellowship and service. Both Orders believe in a fraternal practice, creating brothers among men. DeMolay's purpose is to help young men to become better citizens and leaders, while Freemasonry helps good men to be better men and leaders. The comparisons clearly show why DeMolay members often times grow into great Masonic leaders.

When I was 19, I became a Mason of Frankford Lodge #292 in Philadelphia. The best part of joining, aside from instantly being welcomed by every member of the lodge, was to see all the DeMolay Advisors and fellow members, who are also Masons, support me through the journey. A few of them even took part in the degrees, with my Ritual Advisor serving as my guide. I look around today and see that this still occurs. Past State Senior Councilor, Anthony Trento of Chester Pike Chapter, became a Mason earlier this month. In attendance were three of his DeMolay brothers, two of which he served with as a State Officer. As DeMolay and Freemasonry show throughout their practices, and this post confirms, once a brother, always a brother.

Until next time - "Dad" Joe Pullin       

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