Tuesday, February 28, 2017

DeMolay Month 2017

March is only a day away, which means one thing, DeMolay Month is upon us. By now, your chapter should already have a solid plan of the activities taking place throughout the month. We ask that you please share these activities with us through social media. Create a story of the events and post it on the PA DeMolay Facebook, take a picture and post it to the PA DeMolay Instgram, or write a status and post it to the PA DeMolay Twitter. You can also send photos and video from these events to our Snapchat account as well. So what events should you post? Well, everything of course, but here is a list of the DeMolay Month events that we look forward to seeing the most: 

  1. Senior DeMolay appreciation event
  2. Masonic Sponsor appreciation event
  3. Devotional Day Observance
  4. Receiving a Proclamation from a Government Official
  5. Obligating members during the month
  6. Community or Masonic based service project
  7. Visitation with another chapter
  8. DeMolay newspaper article
  9. Social Activity
  10. Radio or TV announcements
DeMolay Month is the best chance to get our name out to the local community. Let's get out there and promote the greatest youth organization in the world. 

Until next time - "Dad" Joe Pullin

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