Friday, February 19, 2016

The Honor Apron Quest Begins: A Tale of Three Entries

Pennsylvania DeMolay is pleased to announce that the first three entries have been made into the special drawing for the Past Grand Master Honor Apron!  This special Masonic Youth Apron has been signed by all living R.W. Past Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and will be presented to one lucky Pennsylvania Mason later this summer.

Following a presentation on Elizabethtown Chapter, Order of DeMolay, at the January 8th District 1 Lodge Officers’ Meeting, Jason Lewis, Secretary for Lodge No. 43 that meets in Lancaster, took the information on DeMolay to his 12 year old nephew, and this was just the beginning of a whirlwind month for Jason and his nephew, Noah!  Jason’s application for the Past Grand Master’s Apron included Noah and two other young men from the Lancaster area. 

Noah attended a laser tag prospect party that was hosted by Elizabethtown Chapter, and – having had a great time – decided to join DeMolay.  He was inducted into DeMolay at the Regional Patriots Class in Reading on February 13th, the same day as Uncle Jason took the DeMolay Advisor Training and submitted the paperwork to become an advisor for Elizabethtown Chapter. 

Okay, let’s do the math: Master Mason Jason submitted the Apron Application listing the contact information for three young men of DeMolay age and eligibility.  That’s worth one entry into the special drawing that will be held on June 1st.  One of the recommended young men joined DeMolay, giving Jason a second entry into the drawing, followed closely by a third entry because he became an Advisor for Elizabethtown Chapter.  The next step, for as many of two additional entries, is to get one or both of the other recommended young men to join DeMolay.

Pennsylvania DeMolay congratulates “Dad” Lewis on earning the first three entries into the Past Grand Master Honor Apron drawing, and on becoming a DeMolay Advisor; and we congratulate Noah on becoming a member of Elizabethtown Chapter! 

This article was written by "Dad" Dave Berry. Thank you "Dad" Berry for your contribution. 

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  1. Congratulations to you, Dad Lewis and to you too, Noah!