Thursday, February 12, 2015


by Eric M. Dye, State Junior Councilor

Hey guys! In the past, you’ve attended loads of DeMolay events, and had a blast! Dances, Sports, Ritual Competitions, Chapter Installations, Obligatory Days, and other events have come and passed on your calendar. But want something special? Something that you can only get in one place, and learn skills you never dreamed you’d have? Something that will teach you how to run a successful chapter and how to dress properly for each occasion?  Something that will guide you into the Master-DeMolay you want to become? Well, consider going to ROTC-- RISK Officer Training Camp on May 1-3 at Patton Campus in Elizabethtown!

You heard it here first, RISK OTC Weekend will be a game-changer for all who attend! Jam packed with fun activities and opportunities to develop useful skills, you’ll leave this weekend fully prepared to lead (or assist in leading) your chapter to term after term of success, and build our Order in the process.

Now, I can’t tell you EVERYTHING the program will offer, but I can give you some exciting previews and one or two of the secrets!

Basically, the weekend will be a huge RISK Game! The rules will be slightly changed however: Each of the 4 units, denoted by colors, will spend Saturday morning traveling around campus attending an exciting variety of workshops, sports, and activities. Presenters, Advisors, and Elected State Officers will keep their eyes out for good Officers. DeMolays who are attentive, interactive and engaged will earn RISK points for their Color Unit (awarded by Staff.) Points can also be taken away for minor misconduct. After each time slot, each Color Unit reports back to Mission Command for 10 minutes of debrief time. Here, they will discuss the last workshop, tally RISK Points, and head to the next workshop. Also, during debrief time, Color Units will compete to see who can create the tallest freestanding structure out a mystery assortment of objects. The winning Color Unit will receive 50 RISK points! At the end of the weekend, the Color Unit with the most RISK points wins the RISK Coolest Color Prize.

To tell you everything you would learn while at ROTC would be a spoiler, but I can drop a couple of big hints: DeMolays will leave Patton Campus on Sunday morning with their minds swimming with ideas for Committees, capture the flag, recruitment tactics, charity work, hundreds of Obligatory Day celebration ideas, dodgeball, stained glass windows and half-tied ties. They will return to their chapter a changed DeMolay, a man of action who will work hard to further his chapter and his Order. Putting these leadership skills into practice, these DeMolays will spread and re-teach what they learned at the RISK Officer Training Camp weekend, helping others earn awards like LCCs, RDs and the PMC-MSA, just like someone in DeMolay helped them earn theirs.

So save the date! Spaces will fill up fast.  Make sure your Master Councilor plans on sending DeMolays from your chapter. You won’t want to miss RISK Officer Training Camp!

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