Thursday, September 4, 2014

Coming Soon - A Prospect Party in a Box!

At PA DeMolay, we are always trying to think of new ways to assist our Chapters in recruiting new members. One of the biggest challenges they face is putting together a quality prospect party. This is often because our Chapters are in varied locations with limited resources. This caused the officers to brainstorm on what could be done. The leadership of the organization came up with the idea of a "Prospect Party in a Box."

Put simply, the Prospect Party in a Box is a complete kit, ready to be issued to any Chapter, to hold a recruitment event. The kit, which comes in two packages, contains two Xbox 360's, with Kinect interactive capabilities, and one Wii. It also comes with several controllers for both systems, AV cables, batteries, and other accessories. Games include Kinect Sports, Mario Kart, Fusion Frenzy, and Call of Duty (appropriately rated, of course.) For the Advisors out there, we'll be including a detailed set up instruction manual, as well as resources for the event (such as a program outline and other considerations.) This booklet will be made available on our website and can be used to prepare for your request. Really, the only thing a Chapter needs to supply is the location, the televisions, and the potential new members!

In the next few weeks, we'll be officially launching this program by providing information to our Chapters on how to reserve it. Chapters will be asked to submit information on their event an provide an outline in advance. Once we have the information, the State Officers and Advisors will review the request. If its approved, the PA DeMolay Office will arrange to get the kit to the Chapter for the event.

We hope that this new method of Prospect Parties helps our Chapters grow and we look forward to seeing the kit in the field!

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