Monday, February 3, 2014

Congratulations, "Dad" Blew!

Today, we take a moment to congratulate and honor one of our own - "Dad" Eric Blew, of Allentown Chapter, who has been nominated to receive the HODEGOS Award from the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania for the year 2014 on behalf of DeMolay. Administered by the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation, the HODEGOS Award recognizes truly outstanding adult leaders of the youth programs, and creates further awareness of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania’s extensive support of our Masonic Youth. The award takes its name from the Greek word hodegos, meaning “a leader, a guide and an instructor of the inexperienced.”

Rather than just simply tell you about "Dad" Blew's accomplishments, I've decided to take a couple of paragraphs from the nominations letters that came in. Firstly, we have this from another Advisor at Allentown Chapter:

"During Eric’s time as an active DeMolay and officer, Allentown DeMolay thrived, winning many awards, including awards for ritual and Chapter of the Year multiple times. During his time as an advisor, particularly most recently as Chapter Advisor, Allentown DeMolay has thrived again, and once again, it has won many awards, including Chapter of the Year multiple times.

I can say without any hesitation or self-reservation in me whatsoever that Dad Blew is the biggest reason, if not THE reason, for the renaissance of Allentown Chapter, during the past 30 years. To put it simply, when the Chapter faced a decline in both membership and advisors, Dad Blew stepped up and through his relentless commitment of his time, knowledge, contacts, persuasion, persistence, and skill, Allentown Chapter is thriving again.

To put it most bluntly, Allentown Chapter might not exist today were it not for the dedicated efforts and exemplary service of Dad Eric Blew, and I wholeheartedly endorse him and recommend him for the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation HODEGOS Award."

... and this, from an Active DeMolay that "Dad" Blew has worked with:

"Dad" Blew was crucial in helping me become who I am today. When I shoed interest in rising to Master Councilor, I was met with encouraging words and inspirational messages from him. Giving me tips on to be an effective Junior Councilor and Senior Councilor, suggesting useful ideas for improving communication within our members, and guiding me to being the best Master Councilor I could be, he provided me with every tool I would ever need bot a prosperous as a DeMolay and as a human."
It's obvious that "Dad" Blew has touched many lives with his involvement in the fraternity and we will be pleased to see him receive this prestigious honor at our Convention in July in Reading.

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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