Monday, November 18, 2013

Buying Back Rituals Saves Chapters Money

Recently, DeMolay International printed a new version of the DeMolay Ritual - the 15th Edition to be exact. Our own "Dad" Labagh, Executive Officer of PA DeMolay, and "Dad" Greg Schaeffer, Deputy Member of DeMolay International, chaired and co-chaired the committee that undertook this project. The result was a fantastic new resources for our young men that will ensure quality ritualistic presentations for years to come.

To aid in distributing these new ritual books, PA DeMolay put together an offer for our Chapters to assist in getting these new books into the hands of our young men.

Utilizing this program, we have collected 195 old books -  mostly the corrected 14th edition, but a handful of 7-man rituals and older ones dating back as far as the hardcover 12th edition from 1974.  336 of the new rituals have been distributed with 100 passed out at Key Man 2013 and the remainder traded or sold to 17 of our PA DeMolay Chapter. Through the Ritual Exchange Program, chapters have saved $725.00!
Remember, Chapters have until December 8th to take advantage of the PA DeMolay Ritual Exchange Program. Now is the time to take advantage of this great offer!

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