Thursday, November 14, 2013

Building Bridges Between Grand Lodges

"Dad" Samuel C. Williamson is a very familiar face around PA DeMolay. He's the man who had the vision, know how, and fortitude to make PA DeMolay what it is today. If not for his tireless efforts, our fraternity would not be as robust in the Commonwealth.

"Dad" Williamson has also been a visionary for the Masonic Fraternity as well. It was he who started the work of opening up a dialogue with our Brothers in Prince Hall Freemasonry. This discussion eventually become one of mutual recognition, becoming a model for respectful and fraternal interactions between Grand Lodges.

In light of his work and dedication, he was recently honored by being made an Honorary Member of the Council of Deliberation, Prince Hall Affiliated, for Pennsylvania. The full story can be seen in this video...

Congratulations "Dad" Williamson! Thank you for everything you do for PA DeMolay and the fraternity as a whole!

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