Monday, October 14, 2013

DeMolay - it never goes away!

This past weekend, I travelled to Erie for a meeting of a Masonic group I'm involved with. On Saturday, we had a luncheon and I was seated with two other Brothers. As we got to talking over lunch, we quickly learned that we had all been involved in DeMolay in some way.

"Dad" Dave Griswold, one of my dining companions, was a DeMolay starting in the 1960's. He was a member of Erie Chapter and served as an appointed officer of the Chapter. He told stories of how it was a big deal to be involved with DeMolay then and the Chapter had hundreds of members. Later, "Dad" Griswold went on to become an Advisor for Erie Chapter and see his son serve as Master Councilor. To this day, he still carries his important Masonic papers in a DeMolay satchel.

The other man at my table is probably more familiar to everyone - "Dad" Russ Combs. He is currently serving as Ritual Advisor at Chester-Pike Chapter, which is experiencing rapid growth after changing locations. He too was a DeMolay in the 1960's, but never served as an officer as he was required to fulfill an obligation to the military. He stated that at one time there were three officer corps for his old Chapter, then just known as Chester Chapter. Now, more than 45 years after he first set foot in a Lodge room, he is still involved with our organization.

DeMolay unifies men in more ways than we can ever count. We've had 90 years of history and Brotherhood and I love hearing stories from our Senior DeMolays of when they were active members. When you least expect it, a DeMolay Brother could be sitting across the table from you, so listen up and learn something!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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