Thursday, October 24, 2013

Creating PA DeMolay's Social Media Policy

In light of recent news, both internally in DeMolay and externally in the general public, the staff here at the PA DeMolay office discussed creating a social media policy for DeMolay in Pennsylvania. After some debate, it was concluded that best way to create this policy would be to include those that it would directly impact - namely the DeMolays and Advisors.

During our recent flag football tournament, a workshop was held to develop a social media policy. Every person attending the event was invited to participate. More than 50 DeMolays and Advisors gave their thoughts and input as to what they thought was important in a social media policy. After more than an hour of work, the group came up with some general statements, that will be later worked into an official policy. The statements are as follows:

  • Those affiliated with DeMolay in Pennsylvania should practice common sense when utilizing social media.
  • Recognizing that all social media interactions can represent the organization, we ask that DeMolays and Advisors remember the Seven Cardinal Virtues when interacting with others, whether online or in real life.
  • Personal posts, photos, or other shared items should be understood to be public, with no expectation of privacy.
  • Brothers and Advisors are encouraged to use social media as a learning experience to reinforce the values of DeMolay and help everyone grow. The use of positive peer pressure to assist in this process is encouraged.
  • Concerns related to social media should referred to the Advisory Council for review.
Obviously this is not a complete policy, but it's a good start. The group worked very hard and great discussion between DeMolays and Advisors took place. I would like thank everyone that participated - you made a direct impact on the way PA DeMolay operates!
If you are a DeMolay or Advisor from Pennsylvania, and you would like add your two cents, comment on this post!
Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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