Thursday, August 15, 2013

PA DeMolay Unveils Portrait of Founder

Bro. Matthew S. Maple, State Master Councilor, posed with the new portrait of "Dad" Ralph C. Minehart, along with the artist, Miss Georgette Williams.

On Friday evening of the 2013 Key Man Conference, PA DeMolay held a special Conclave to highlight achievements during the week. The Key Men performed Preceptor parts, showed off their elevator speeches, and more. During that meeting, PA DeMolay did a little showing off of its own, led by Bro. Matthew Maple, State Master Councilor, who unveiled a new piece of art for Memorial Hall at Patton Campus.

The portrait, commissioned by PA DeMolay, depicts "Dad" Ralph Carlos Minehart, Right Eminent Past Grand Commander, and founder of Pennsylvania DeMolay. "Dad" Minehart is taking center stage this year as part of our 90th Anniversary Celebration. You can learn more about "Dad" Minehart on the PA DeMolay website. The portrait was created specifically for PA DeMolay

by a local artist, Miss Georgette Williams.

The painting is now on permanent display in Memorial Hall, near the DeMolay display cases as you enter the Stark Atrium.

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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