Monday, August 26, 2013

New Youth Exhibit at GWMM

I apologize for posting so late in the day today. It has been a really exciting day for the Masonic Youth Groups, so that accounts for the delayed post.

Before you read any further, go check out what happened today at the George Washington Masonic Memorial -

Now that you've read that, I can post a few more pictures from the event that are specific to DeMolay. We were very pleased to have with us Bro. Chris Labaw, International Congress Secretary, who did an outstanding job representing the young men of DeMolay. We hope that everyone will get a chance to see this display in the near future, as it really is a testament to what the Masonic Youth Groups are all about. In the mean time, here are some more pictures for you - remember, you can click to make the bigger!

This Legion of Honor Cordon belonged to Bro. Roy Rogers, a famous Hollywood actor!

"Dad" Thomas R. Labagh, Executive Officer in Pennsylvania, poses with Bro. Chris Labaw, ICS, and "Dad" Samuel C. Williamson, Grand Treasurer Emeritus.

A large crowd was in attendance!

Everyone cuts the ribbon!

A quick shout out to my home Chapter, Erie, who are credited with donating the regalia displayed on the mannequin.

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