Thursday, July 18, 2013

Convention Checklist

Happy Thursday, everyone! On this particular day, everyone is prepping for their trip to Erie for our 2013 Convention. Who's excited?

As a reminder to those coming to Convention, read the guidelines found on

Each Chapter must have one Advisor present for every five DeMolays. If your Chapter does not have Advisors attending you MUST make arrangements with another Chapter to provide for Advisory coverage.  If you cannot make these arrangements, contact Executive Secretary “Dad” Dave Berry and he will assign a staff member to supervise your members; however, your Chapter will be billed to cover the registration and housing costs.

Each Chapter, according to State Bylaws, is entitled to five delegates. There is a space provided to register your delegates on the Registration Form. Each Chapter is also entitled to five Alternates, who should be registered as such. Past Master Councilors who are under the age of 21 may also vote, but they must register and participate in at least one Convention package.

Also mailed to Chapters and included on this site are the Necrology Report, which can be submitted with your Chapter registration or it can be brought to Convention and a Dress Code for the various events at Convention.

Changes to Convention 2013 - IMPORTANT PLEASE READ
Each year the Convention Staff tries to improve the program, and make it more fun and attractive to both members and Advisors (but primarily members!) Any time we plan an event for a distant corner of the state challenges appear. We have tried to address some of those issues here, so please read this section fully.
Dual Site - This year’s Convention is unique in that the group will be staying the hotel but going to events at the Convention Center. All events will be held at the Bayfront Convention Center (not at the Sheraton itself.)

DO NOT PARK AT THE BAYFRONT SHERATON - YOU WILL BE CHARGED.When arriving in Erie, go first to the Bayfront Sheraton and register for your rooms and drop off your luggage. Once your party has it’s rooms, return to your vehicle and drive next door to the Convention Center (See attached map.) You may park your vehicle, free of charge, at the Convention Center. You will register with PA DeMolay in the Convention Center. A sky bridge is provided between the hotel and the Convention Center so you do not need to walk outside to get from one side to the other.

Changes to Hospitality - Due to regulations with the hotel, we will not be hosting a hospitality suite this year. Instead, Erie Chapter will host a hospitality room on Friday afternoon at their club room located in the Masonic Temple, 8th and Peach Streets, Erie, PA. It will be open from 1 to 3 PM on Friday. When the group returns from Presque Isle on Friday evening, everyone is asked to re-enter through the Convention Center and stop at the registration table, where a hospitality bag will be given to each participant.

Erie Chapter Reception - Erie Chapter will be hosting a reception and meeting for Chapters and dignitaries attending the Convention. The Chapter will formally open at 3 PM on Friday, July 19, 2013, in the Lodge Room of the Masonic Temple, 8th and Peach Streets, Erie, PA. Visitors will be formally received and any DeMolay in attendance may count the visit for Merit Bars. This meeting will NOT count towards the visitation competition.

Presque Isle Beach Bash - Presque Isle is one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful state parks. It also includes the only natural beaches in the state. However, this means the convention participants will be outside. Please plan accordingly and bring insect spray, sun block and proper clothing (for swimming and for exploring the park.) The Convention group will be headquartered at the Cookhouse near the Waterworks Ferry Dock. A map of Presque Isle may be found here:

Please take note: Transportation to and from optional activities, Presque Isle, and Splash Lagoon will NOT be provided. Chapters must arrange their own transportation for these activities. 

Make sure you pack well and get ready for some fun!

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