Monday, June 10, 2013

DeMolay International to Meet

Thanks to "Dad" Peter Brusoe, of Nation's Capital DeMolay, for this blog post!
This week DeMolays from around the world  will be gathering in Minneapolis, MN, for the annual DeMolay Congress and Supreme Council Session.  At session, the delegates and supreme council members will be discussing legislation and the future direction of our Order.  It's a jam packed few days; in four days they will be electing their new international leaders - the International Master Councilor and the International Congress Secretary, volunteering at a service project, meeting in focus groups, listening to important speakers, and even going to a baseball game (Phillies versus the Twins, lets go Phils!) Andrew Prescott, our good friend from New Jersey, will be presiding over the congress session.  He has done a number of things to open up the Congress session to everyone.
First, we have opened up the pool of people who can ask questions for our future international leaders you can complete your question on this form and submit it to see if it is asked during the candidate caucus. What things are you looking for from your international leadership?

Second, a list of details and profiles of candidates seeking elected office, feedback on pending legislation and some essay responses have been put up here. Previously, Congress Applications were not shared:

Finally, Andrew knows a good thing when he sees it.  This year, PA's very own Senior DeMolay, Matt Blaisdell, was commissioned to develop the session logo, the volunteer shirt for Thursday morning.
See you at Session!

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