Monday, May 6, 2013

Unique Job for DeMolays

As I look back on the choices I've made in my life, one of my biggest regrets is not having traveled more when I was younger. Many folks are lucky to have spent some time abroad while in college or perhaps took some time to really visit and get to know another country. While I have been to Europe, it wasn't a long visit and I certainly want to go back.

When I was working at my first HR job, several of my colleagues were looking at going into the Peace Corps (click on the link to learn more about that program.) I looked at the option but soon realized it wasn't for me. More recently, I have been reading up on the Foreign Service Office at the Department of State. If I had to do everything over again, I think I would  have considered this option more. It would be an awesome job, but it certainly takes a special kind of person.

Then, I stumbled across an article on the Art of Manilness Blog entitled So You Want My Job: Foreign Service Officer/Diplomat. While I may not be in a position to make this kind of career move, I thought I'd share the link with all the DeMolays out there who might be looking for a unique job to do when they get out of college. It doesn't require any specific kind of degree and the skills they look for are some of the same key things we teach in DeMolay.

Check out the link - who knows - you might be the next Ambassador!

Frat! ~ "Dad" Seth Anthony

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