Friday, May 31, 2013

Key Men... and Key Women!

In the past few years, there have been a few changes made to the Chapter Sweetheart and State Sweetheart program. These changes have been made to further interest in the programs and to allow females to participate in DeMolay and promote the Order and the Learning Centers in new ways. However, because of these new changes, past, current, or future Sweethearts could have a muddied view of the program and how they could make a difference within the organization.

Many chapters out there have at least one Chapter Sweetheart and others even have multiple Sweethearts that works hard to promote the Order right alongside the members. Taking this into account, the Sweetheart Program has made a push and has been approved to have its very own track at Key Man 2013! A whole week, originally designed for the young men of DeMolay, has now been made to include current Sweethearts to participate and learn more about DeMolay, the Sweetheart Program (Chapter and State), and fun and innovative ways to help the Learning Centers!

Sweethearts, keep an eye out for announcements and mail outs for an opportunity to participate. Chapters, if you plan on sending members of the Chapter to Key Man, consider including your Chapter Sweetheart (or Sweethearts!), and give her the opportunity to participate in the first Key Man with a track designed specifically for them!

Remember, Key Man is August 4-10, located at Patton Campus in Elizabethtown. If there are any questions about this new track and how to register, please email Dave Berry at Hope to see some eager Chapter Sweethearts there! 

For more information about Key Man, go to

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