Wednesday, March 6, 2013

27 Ways to Show Your DeMolay Pride!

For the past half and hour, I stared blankly at my screen looking for some inspiration to write. What I didn't realize is the inspiration sits all around at my desk in the form of promotional cards, t-shirts and posters. This got me thinking, how many ways can we promote our Chapters for DeMolay Month, outside of the usual? Promotion is one of the best things we can all do for a non profit organization and it takes everyone in the Chapter/Organization to be successful!

Without further adieu., I present the 27 Ways to Show your DeMolay Pride!

1) Wear a DeMolay shirt.
2) Talk about DeMolay to friends.
3) Hang posters up about DeMolay.
4) Have a daily DeMolay question to answer on social media.
5) Share a DeMolay Facebook page.
6) Throw an awesome prospect party!
7) Visit a Rainbow Girl's or Job's Daughter's function.
8) Create a Harlem Shake video using DeMolays. ( Thanks, Tom Moyer!
9)  Design a Chapter logo!
10) Visit a lodge.
11) Hand out DeMolay Stickers or fake tattoos, if you feel so inclined!
12) Obey our Precepts.
14) Host a Parents Night and offer coffee, tea and friendship.
15) Do charity work.
16) Host a dinner.
17) Dress up like Jacques DeMolay and stay in costume all day!
18) Contact a local newspaper company to get some information out there.
19) Can you say Proclamation from the Mayor?!
20) Change your profile picture to something DeMolay related.
21) Do your best in the DeMolay Month Competition.
22) Try to get the Judge from another Chapter!
23) Score big in DeMopoly! Or even have a Monopoly night with friends and DeMolay brothers!
24) Create a weekly blog for your Chapter!
25) Make a Difference
26) Visit the Kingdom of DeMolay with a friend.
27) Dress up like DeMopoly Men and host a party!

... and many many more!

I'll leave the rest up to you guys, but remember - keep it safe, fun, and above all, promotional!

- "Dad" Matt Blaisdell

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