Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inaugural Trip 2013 was a blast!

What's harder than waking up over 90 youth and Advisors of DeMolay, Rainbow and Job's Daughters at 5 am for a bus trip to Washington, D.C. for the 2013 Presidential Inauguration? Well, getting them to calm down on the bus ride home, of course! 

After spending the day in Washington D.C. with hundreds of thousands of other people all across the world, everyone who went on the PA DeMolay hosted trip either had a story or photo to share. Don't believe me? Check out these great photographs and commentaries from members, Advisors and DeMolay supporters who went on the trip! If you also have any photographs or stories to share, send them our way and we'll add them to the blog!

Vice President, Joe Biden giving Jennifer Walters (PA Rainbow) Andrew Prescott 
(DeMolay IMC) Angela Lennox and "Dad" Matt Blaisdell a friendly wave.
Photo credit to Matt Blaisdell. 

  “It was a lot of fun being at Washington DC, watching the president get inaugurated for the second time. It was a great experience and I'm glad I went. – Phil Cancilla, Templar Chapter Member
Your State Officers, Alex Rauschenberger, Isaac Holtzer. Alex Temple and Matt Maple 
and Kaitlin Nemec take their eyes upon the site seeing value of our Nations Capital!
Photo credit to Kaitlin Nemec

  “I had a great time. It was my first Inauguration and it was a lot of fun. Looking around the bus (one the ride) back, it was easy to see the camaraderie and friendships everyone had made throughout the day. It made me proud to be an American.
 – Nikki Schafer, Grand Worthy Advisor of PA Rainbow

Okay, I'll admit, it's harder to herd 90 people into a group for a photo
 than to herd a bunch of cats! Nevertheless, the results were great!
Photo credit to Matt Blaisdell
PA State Officers and DeMolay International's International Master Councilor standing for a photo with George Washington Masonic Memorial Executive Director, George Seghers with a  donation to this great monument!

 Washington D.C. was a lot of walking and a lot of fun! –Alex Faulds, Westmoreland Chapter Member
State Officers enjoying a photo in front of their "hopefully" 
soon to be  State Officer Transportation, a Douglas DC-7! 
What do you say, "Dad" Tom Labagh? Can they travel in style?
Photo credit to Kaitlin Nemec

   President Barack Obama riding in the "beast", the vehicle with one of the
   highest security known to man! Of course, he's greeting the parade goers with
  a full smile on his face! Photo credit to Matt Blaisdell.

"I thought the trip was fun even though it was really cold. Seeing the  inauguration in DC and not just on TV was a really  inspirational experience." 
- Jenny Chappell, Miss Congeniality of PA

There are plenty more photos of the trip if you want to check them out! Go to:
It was a great trip and I hope Washington D.C. is ready for the next DeMolay trip, because I guarantee, I sure am!

- "Dad" Matt Blaisdell

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